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Jana Micomonaco macinfo at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Dec 1 12:00:28 EST 2006

Hi all,

This is a three-part email, containing information regarding our holiday 
hours, recreation gift opportunities, and the upcoming TEAM FITNESS 
CHALLENGE.  Please read the parts that pertain to you carefully, and, as 
always, if you have questions or concerns, contact me 
(macinfo at fas.harvard.edu <mailto:macinfo at fas.harvard.edu>; 617/495-4838).


First, please note our *Christmas hours:* 

Malkin Athletic Center*

Sunday, Dec. 17:  9am-9pm

Pool:  9am-noon

Monday-Wednesday, Dec. 18-20:  6am-7pm

Pool:  7am-5pm

Thursday, Dec. 21:  6am-3pm

Pool:  7am-2:30pm

Dec. 22-Jan 1:  CLOSED

Tuesday, Jan. 2: 9am-7pm

*Hemenway Gymnasium*

*Sun, Dec. 17:  9am-9pm*

*Mon-Wed, Dec. 18-20:* *6:30am-9pm*

*Thurs, Dec. 21:  6:30am-3pm*

Dec. 22-Jan 1:  CLOSED

Tuesday, Jan. 2: 9am-7pm

*Blodgett Pool*

*Sun. Dec. 24 & Mon. Dec. 25:  CLOSED*

*Tues. Dec. 26-Fri. Dec. 29: 10am-3pm; 5-9pm*

*Sat. Dec. 30:  12-6pm*

*Sun. Dec. 31-Mon. Jan 1:  CLOSED***

Second, as you make your gift lists, don't forget the *gift 
opportunities available from Harvard recreation:*  gift certificates are 
available for personal training, golf, tennis and squash lessons, 
private swim lessons, and sessions with our state of the art golf 
simulator.  Purchase these treats for a friend or loved one, or drop 
some hints if you'd love to receive any of these services. 



Whether you're recovering from an injury, taking your workout to the 
next level, or interested in incorporating fitness into your lifestyle, 
a personal trainer can help you reach your goals.  One of our certified 
fitness professionals will craft personal, progressive workouts for you, 
taking into account your fitness history, preferences, and goals.  Your 
trainer will then guide you through your workouts, carefully watching 
your form and adjusting the workout accordingly.  Why wait?  A personal 
trainer can help you implement the habits you've hoped for and reach the 
goals that seem unattainable. 



Are you looking to take that first golf lesson you've been talking 
about, but keep putting off?  Take advantage of Harvard University's 
golf professional now.  Tom Shea has been teaching all levels of golfers 
for 42 years.  His philosophy is that golf is easy:  easy to learn and 
easy to play.  If you are willing to relax and enjoy yourself you'll 
learn, and if you don't know how to do that, he will show you.  Already 
experienced players can eradicate bad habits and improve form.  Clinics, 
group, and private lessons are available.  For more information and 
prices contact Grace at 617.495.3454



Take advantage of our 6 state of the art indoor tennis courts.  We offer 
private and small group lessons as well as clinics.  Learn the basics, 
brush up your back hand, or amp up your game to shock your tennis 
buddy:  our three professionals can teach you everything you need to 
know about tennis.  For more information contact Grace at 617.495.3454


 Finally, get ready for the *Team Fitness Challenge*!  Pay attention 
since it starts on January 10^th this year:  we wanted to get a full 8 
weeks in before the renovation!  Returning competitors, start recruiting 
your teams and challenging your rivals; new members, see below for 
details and email me with any questions. 


Wishing you happy, restful, and safe holidays! 




This is an opt-in list:  please feel free to unsubscribe yourself at 


Harvard Recreation announces

*The All-Harvard Team Fitness Challenge*

"I lost about 10 lbs during the fitness challenge and am in much better 
shape now.  It was the first time in my life I consistently worked out 
for a period of two months"


"Bring it back next year--both semesters! It was a great motivation and 
I felt and saw results in myself and my teammates. Thanks!"


"Great program.  More likely to work out with buddy system.  Thanks for 
doing it."


Last year, over 300 people in the Harvard community joined the Challenge 
as a way to attain their fitness goals.  Overwhelmingly, they did:  we 
heard from team members that they lost weight, dropped pant sizes, and 
gained strength and aerobic capacity.  We also heard that they made 
friends, built community, and had a great time.  The Second Annual Team 
Fitness Challenge starts January 10^th :  are you going to be part of it? 


This is how it works:  form a team of 6-10 Harvard affiliates (all 
members of Harvard athletic facilities).  This can be your blocking 
group, colleagues in your department, members of your IM team, 
whomever--if you want to stack your team with 9 other faithful 7:15 am 
class attenders, go for it!  Then for the next 8 weeks, we will track 
every minute your team members spend working out.  At the end of the two 
months, we will tally up the results, and declare the winners!

* *

In addition to recognizing the superstars, we will also be recognizing 
all teams that attain the ACSM guidelines for physical activity (30 
minutes in the gym 6-7 days a week plus minutes gained through every day 
activities, which we've translated as 180 minutes per team member per 

* *

So challenge another department to participate.  Get your lunch group 
together.  Talk it up at the water cooler.  Recruit your roommates.  
Registration packets will be at the MAC and Hemenway front desks in 
early December, so form a team and get ready to get fit! 


For more information, contact Jana Micomonaco (617/495-4838;

macinfo at fas.harvard.edu <mailto:macinfo at fas.harvard.edu>).



Jana Micomonaco
Senior Operations Manager
Malkin Athletic Center/Hemenway Gymnasium
macinfo at fas.harvard.edu

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