[Athleticfacilitymembers-list] Fall group exercise and specialty classes, registration info, strength training and indoor cycling orientations

Jana Micomonaco macinfo at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 12 15:28:01 EDT 2006

Hi all,

Fall classes are on the way!  The fall group exercise schedules for both 
the MAC and Hemenway have been posted online 
as have the specialty class brochures.  Hemenway fall hours have begun; 
MAC fall hours will begin on Monday, Sept. 18th.  Please note pertinent 
dates and information below:

1.  Registration for classes will take place Tuesday, Sept. 12th at 
HEMENWAY from 4-7pm.  At this time, you can pay for group exercise 
classes (if necessary:  class access is $40/fall semester or $60 for the 
year, but free for students.)  Class access is valid for classes at both 
the MAC and Hemenway, although you must have access to a facility to be 
able to attend classes in that facility.  You will be able to sign up 
for Hemenway specialty classes at this time, as well as for the aquatics 
and ice skating specialty classes.

2.  We will hold two more registration times at the MAC:  Sept. 20 
(4-7pm) and Sept. 21 (11:30am-2:30pm).  As at Hemenway, you can pay for 
group exercise classes at this time, or sign up for MAC specialty classes.

3.  If you miss registration, you can sign up after the 21st at the 
front desk of either facility at anytime EXCEPT between 3 and 6pm on 
weekdays.  Due to volume at the desk, we ask our members to avoid these 
peak times for lengthy procedures such as locker rentals or class 
registrations.  Please note that for specialty classes, you can only 
sign up in the facility where the class is being held (ice skating sign 
ups are at the MAC;  the lessons take place at Bright Hockey Arena.  The 
one exception to this is that you may sign up for aquatics and ice 
skating classes at Hemenway during registration on the 12th ONLY. 
Otherwise you can sign up for these classes at the MAC front desk.

4.  Group exercise classes start on the 18th at Hemenway, and on the 
25th at the MAC.  Please make sure you register in advance, as you will 
not be able to show up at 4pm and hope to register for a class that night!

5.  If you are unsure of the difference between specialty and group 
exercise classes, please click here for a full explanation and class list:

Briefly, the Specialty classes are cumulative, progressive, and are 
generally more skill-based:  ice skating, salsa, fencing, hip hop 
dance.  These classes have a limited list of attenders, and meet once a 
week for 8 weeks.  Everyone must pay for Specialty Classes.

In contrast, the Group Exercise classes are first come, first served on 
a class-by-class basis.  Non-students pay a flat fee for access to all 
recreation classes.  To limit classes, we hand out a specific number of 
laminated class passes (based on the space available in the class room 
or number of bikes, for cycling classes) in the 30 minutes preceding 
each class, and once the class passes are all handed out, the class is 
closed for that day.  However, the next time the class meets the passes 
are all handed out again:  you are never guaranteed a spot in class, but 
always have a chance at a pass.  The system is designed to let the 
maximum number of members attend classes, and to let you attend classes 
as is convenient for your varying schedule and mood.  To register for 
classes, all members must fill out a consent form to receive a sticker 
(placed on the back of the ID) indicating that they may attend classes; 
non-student members may purchase class access ($40 for fall semester or 
$60 for the year).

6.  If you are new to the strength machines, complimentary Strength 
Training Orientations are offered throughout September.  During these 45 
minute sessions, a personal trainer will show you how to adjust the 
machines for your height, as well as covering basic weight room 
etiquette.  Please sign up at the front desk for one of the following 
sessions:  Monday, Sept. 18:  7:30am; Friday, Sept. 22:  7:30am,
Tuesday, Sept. 26:  12 pm; or Wednesday, Sept. 27:  5pm.

7.  Alternately, if you want to try indoor cycling, we will be holding 
two indoor cycling intro classes.  These classes will cover proper bike 
setup and safety considerations, feature an energizing ride, and are 
perfect if you want to try indoor cycling for the first time.  Please 
sign up at the MAC front desk for Thursday, Sept. 21 at 5:30pm or 
Friday, Sept. 22 at 12:15pm.  There is no charge for these classes.

If you have questions about any of the above, or something else 
entirely, please contact me at macinfo at fas.harvard.edu or 617 495 4838.

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Jana Micomonaco
Malkin Athletic Center
Harvard Athletics
macinfo at fas.harvard.edu

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