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heminfo heminfo at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Sep 26 14:47:29 EDT 2008

Hey all!

Here are your recreation updates!!!

    * Towel Service Card:
          o The Recreation facilities are no longer able to hold IDs &
            Towel Service Cards will officially replace the collateral
            for towels.
          o Beginning Monday September 15th you will be able to pick up
            your Towel Service Cards at the front desk of the MAC or
            Hemeneway Gymnasium. Once you have picked up your Towel   
            Service Card it will be entered into the computer and will
            indicate that you have indeed received the card.
          o You must have *BOTH* your towel service card and your ID
            must swipe "Admit with Towel" in order to receive a towel.
          o This means if you forget your ID and the number is punched
            in but you do not have your towel service card you will be
            forced to pay for a towel!
          o There is a $2 Replacement fee for lost or stolen cards.
            (Payable only @ Hemenway/MAC)
          o Use of the towel service card allows access to ONE towel at
            a time.
          o If you DO NOT return a towel you will not receive a towel
            card & will have to pay the replacement fee ($2) for a new

    *  Sweat Towels
          o The Hemenway & Malkin are now offering free sweat towels on
            the fitness floors.
          o We ask that you use and return these towels to the various
            laundry bins around the facility.
          o They are a courteous service that we are offering in order
            to better each member's experience at the facility.

    * Comment Cards
          o You will notice NEW comment boxes around the facilities.
          o Please give us your feedback and a manager will respond to
            your suggestions!

    * Yoga Mats
          o We are selling mats at the front desk of both Hemenway and
            the MAC for $15.
          o New ones have been ordered and will be available shortly. 

          o This will affect those who rent locker #'s 161-196
          o The Varsity Visiting Volleyball Teams will be using the
            Visiting Team Room located in the Women's Recreational
            Locker Room on the following dates:
                + Friday, October 3 (4pm - Close)
                + Friday, October 17 (4pm-Close)
                + Saturday, October 18 (1pm-Close)
                + Saturday, November 1 (1pm-Close)
                + Friday, October 7 (4pm-Close)
                + Saturday, October 8 (1pm-Close)
                + During the above times, the visiting team room will be
                  unaccessible to ALL members.

    * Please note the following dates are football games and there will
      be paid parking at the athletic complex
          o October 11th
          o October 18th
          o November 8th
          o November 22nd

    * Blodgett SPECIAL CLOSING
          o No evening swim on Wednesday November 1st.


    * Pilates In Pink 2008
          o Mark your Calendars - Thursday October 23rd 5PM
          o Please visit the following link:

    * Group Exercise
          o Hemenway & Malkin Group Exercise Classes are in full effect.
          o Visit the following link for

    * Ballroom Dance and Salsa Dance is being offered at Hemenway
      Gymnasium for 8 weeks starting Thursday, October 16th.
          o Registration begins on Monday, September 29th at the front
            desk of Hemenway.
          o For more information pick up a brochure at the front desk or
            go to www.gocrimson.com. 

    * Recreation Olympics
          o Saturday November 15th 1-4pm at the Malkin Athletic Center
          o Details will be posted on the webpage on Monday - stay tuned!
          o Events will include:
                + 50 Freestyle
                + Bosu Battle
                + Obstacle Course
                + Relay Race

    * Workshop Information
          o Workshops are /complimentary/ for facility members who have
            group exercise class access. Facility members who have not
            purchased group exercise class access may attend by paying
                 the $7.00 drop in fee at the front desk of Hemenway
            Gymnasium. Twenty five class passes will be available 30
            minutes prior to the start time of class on a /first come
            first serve basis.
          o Workshops will take place in the Hemenway Gymasium
            Multi-purpose room. Brochures with full class descriptions
            are available at the front desk of Hemenway Gymnasium or
            online at www.gocrimson.com

                    How to have a regular Yoga practice
                    Date: Saturday, October 11th
                    Time: 12:00-1:25pm
                    Instructor: Larisa Dupont
                    Core Yoga Workshop for the Beginner to Intermediate 
                    Date: Saturday, October 25^th **
                    Time: 12:00-1:25pm
                    Instructor: Ray Iasiello*

                    Yoga Backbends for the Beginner to Intermediate 
student _*
                    Date: Saturday, November 8th
                    Time: 12:00-1:25pm
                    Instructor: Ray Iasiello
                    Hip Opening Workshop
                    Date: Saturday, December 6th
                    Time: 12:00-1:25pm
                    Instructor: Kerry Smith
                    Restorative Yoga
                    Date: Saturday, December 13th 
                    Time: 12:00-1:25pm
                    Instructor: Kerry Smith*

Thanks so much!


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