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Hello Recreation Users! There are ALOT of updates so here you go!


    * Please be sure to LOCK YOUR ITEMS UP! Even if you are just doing
      an hour workout or something quick - please lock your items up in
      the locker room!

    * Blodgett & MAC Pool Updates
          o Blodgett
                + Friday January 30 - Sunday February 1st CLOSED
          o MAC Pool (additional hours)
                + Friday January 30th 7AM-4PM
                + Saturday January 31st 11:30AM-3:30PM
                + Sunday February 1st 9AM-3PM

    * Murr Center weight room is now OPEN!
          o Visit the new Recreation Center located in the Murr Center
            at 65 North Harvard Street.
          o The facility features cardio equipment, weights, and
            functional training equipment.
          o Please visit the following link for hours information
                + http://www.gocrimson.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=102195&SPID=11955&DB_OEM_ID=9000&ATCLID=1305399

    * Gordon Indoor Track & the Bright Hockey Arena will be CLOSED until
      further notice. Please continue to check the website for updates.

    * For any additional information on upcoming closings visit the
      following link:
          o http://www.gocrimson.com/plan/Calendar.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=9000&PSWD=&PAGEMO=0&PAGEDIR=-1&TYPEID=186

    * Upcoming charged parking dates for the Athletic Complex
          o Saturday January 24th 6-10PM
          o Sunday January 25th 9am-1pm
          o Saturday January 30th
          o Saturday January 31st 8am-8pm
          o Sunday February 1st 10am-2pm
          o Friday February 6th 6-10pm
          o Saturday February 7th 8am-10pm

    * Spring Memberships
          o Memberships run from February 1st - June 30th & are ON SALE!
          o For additional membership information please contact the
            ticket office: 617-495-2211


    * Team Fitness Challenge is BACK!
          o This is our FOURTH Annual Team Fitness Challenge!
          o Registration packets are *due by February 11th.*
          o Please visit the following link for additional information:
                + http://www.gocrimson.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=102195&SPID=11955&DB_OEM_ID=9000&ATCLID=3643940

    * Harvard Slim Down
          o Put on some holiday pounds? Let our Harvard Slim Down
            Program guide you back!
          o Please visit the following link for additional information:
                + http://www.gocrimson.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=102195&SPID=11955&DB_OEM_ID=9000&ATCLID=1286499

    * Specialty & Group Exercise Registration
          o Register for your favorite Specialty Class or Group Exercise.
          o Dates are:
                + Thursday January 29th 4-6PM @ Hemenway
                + Friday January 30th 11:30AM-1:30PM @ MAC
          o Spring Group Exercise classes will begin on Monday February 2nd.
          o Spring Class Schedules will be posted on line soon - please
            visit the following link for updates:
                + https://admin.xosn.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=102195&SPID=11955&DB_OEM_ID=9000&ATCLID=1286417

    * Member Appreciation Days
          o Come chat with one our personal trainers and get your body
            fat tested.
                + Wednesday February 4th 12:30PM-1:30pm with Jason @
                + Tuesday March 3rd 11:30AM-1PM with Mike @ MAC

    * DODGEBALL comes to Hemenway!
          o Miss play dodgeball? Come to Hemenway and play some noontime
            rec dodgeball!
          o Begins February 11th
                + Hemenway Gymnasium
                + 12-1PM every Wednesday
                + Limited to the first 20 participants

As always we welcome all feedback and opinions.

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