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*DRCLAS Brazil Studies Program Seminar*

*Presidential Leadership and Governance in Power-Sharing Democratic Regimes:
The Cases of Mexico and Brazil, 1995-2010

Prof. José Luis Méndez Martínez*
Visiting Scholar, David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies
Lecturer on Government, Department of Government, Harvard University

Moderated by Prof. Frances Hagopian (Jorge Paulo Lemann Visiting Associate
Professor, Department of Government, Harvard University)
Thursday, October 14, 12:00PM
CGIS South Building, Room S-050*, 1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge

A light lunch will be served.

*This seminar is co-sponsored by the DRCLAS Mexico & Central America

*Law and Development in Brazil*

*Thursday, October 14, 5:00-7:00PM
Harvard Law School, Pound 213*, 1563 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Judith Tendler, Professor of Political Economy, MIT
"The Rule of Law, Economic Development, and Modernization of the State in
Brazil: Lessons from Existing Experience for Policy and Practice"

Luciana Gross Cunha, FGV Law School, São Paulo
"Recent Research on the Judiciary in Brazil and the Role of the Brazilian
Justice Council"

Fabio de Sá e Silva, IPEA Research Center, Brasilia and Northeastern
"Law and Developmental Projects in Brazil: Problems, Solutions, and
Directions for Future Research"

David Trubek, Professor of Law, Wisconsin
"The ABDI Law and Development Initiative and the FGV Conference on Law and
Development in Brazil in Global Context"

Commentator: Ary Oswaldo Mattos Filho, Dean of FGV Law School, São Paulo

Brazil played a major role in the law and development movement of the 1960s
and now is showing renewed interest in the subject. Schools like the FGV Law
School in São Paulo are offering specialized programs on law and development
and the government is supporting research. The Brazilian Agency for
Industrial Development (ABDI) has launched a “law and development”
initiative; the National Council on the Judiciary (CNJ) has allocated over
$500,000 for research on the role of courts in the economy; and the
government's Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA) is working with
both ABDI and CNJ in this field. Professor Judith Tendler from MIT,
Professor Luciana Cunha from FGV, Fabio de Sá e Silva from IPEA, and David
Trubek from Wisconsin (who works with ABDI and FGV) will discuss some of
these initiatives in an informal roundtable.

This event is part of the Program on the Legal Profession at Harvard Law
For more details about this event, please contact plpevents at law.harvard.edu.
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