[gov3009-l] Trade and Inequality in China: a Bayesian Hierarchical Framework

Anders Schwartz Corr corr@fas.harvard.edu
Sun, 1 Dec 2002 23:36:08 -0500 (EST)

Trade and Inequality in China: a Bayesian Hierarchical Framework. Tao Li
(Government Department, Harvard University).

Wednesday December 4 at noon
Center for Basic Research in the Social Sciences
34 Kirkland Street, Room 22
Lunch will be served.


A Bayesian hierarchical framework is fitted to panel data on Chinese trade
and income inequality to test whether trade has contributed to the
reduction of rural-urban income inequality in China. The Bayesian
hierarchical framework proves useful for studying the large regional
variability within China. The preliminary results are reported and
compared with alternative econometric models. This presentation will be a
working session, with no paper available.

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