[gov3009-l] Fernanda B. Viegas presenting 'From Wikipedia to Visualization and Back'

Justin Grimmer jgrimmer at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Oct 8 11:51:02 EDT 2007

Dear Applied Statistics Community,

Please join us for this week's installment of the Applied Statistics
workshop, where Fernanda Viegas will be presenting her talk entitled, "From
Wikipedia to Visualization and Back'.  Fernanda provided the following
abstract for her talk:

This talk will be a tour of our recent visualization work, starting with a
case study of how a new data visualization technique uncovered dramatic
dynamics in Wikipedia. The technique sheds light on the mix of dedication,
vandalism, and obsession that underlies the online encyclopedia. We discuss
the reaction of the Wikipedia community to this visualization, and how it
led to a recent ambitious project to make data visualization technology
available to everyone. This project, Many Eyes, is a web site where people
may upload their own data, create interactive visualizations, and carry on
conversations. The goal is to foster a social style of data analysis in
which visualizations serve not only as a discovery tool for individuals but
also as a means to spur discussion and collaboration.

Fernanda also provided links to the following papers,



And to a website based upon her recent work in data visualization

Link to Many Eyes site:

As always, the workshop meets at 12 noon on Wednesday, in room N-354
CGIS-Knafel.  A light lunch will be provided

Justin Grimmer
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