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Justin Grimmer jgrimmer at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Sep 24 19:03:47 EDT 2007

Dear Applied Stats Workshop members,

Please join us this Wednesday (9/26) when David Lazer, Associate Professor
of Public Policy and Director of the Program on Networked Governance at the
Kennedy School of Government,  will present "Life in the Network: The Coming
Era of Computational Social Science".  David provided the following summary
of his talk:

An increasing fraction of human behavior (especially relational behavior)
leaves substantial digital traces-- whether in the form of phone logs,
e-mail, instant messaging, etc. Further, increased computational power
allows the analysis of these digital traces-- e.g., through natural language
processing, statistical analysis of massive (millions of individuals)
longitudinal data, etc. These two points suggest that we are on the
precipice of dramatic new insights into collective human behavior. I will
discuss the potential future of a "computational social science", with
reference to four ongoing research projects.

As always, our workshop begins at 12 noon in CGIS-Knafel room N-354.  And a
free lunch will be provided.

Justin Grimmer
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