[gov3009-l] Airoldi on "A statistical perspective on complex networks"

Matt Blackwell mblackwell at iq.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 3 10:50:20 EST 2009

Hi all,

I hope you can join us at the Applied Statistics Workshop this
Wednesday, November 4th, when we will be happy to have Edo Airoldi,
Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics here at Harvard.
Edo will be presenting a talk entitled "A statistical perspective on
complex networks" for which he has provided the following abstract:

Networks are ubiquitous in science and have become a focal point for
discussion in everyday life. Formal statistical models for the
analysis of network data have emerged as a major topic of interest in
diverse areas of science, as many scientific inquiries involve
collections of measurements on pairs of objects. Probability models on
graphs date back to 1959. Along with empirical studies in social
psychology and sociology from the 1960s, these early works generated
an active network community and a substantial literature in the 1970s.
This effort moved into the statistical literature in the late 1970s
and 1980s, and the past decade has seen a burgeoning network
literature in statistical physics and computer science. The growth of
the World Wide Web and the emergence of online networking communities
such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and a host of more specialized
professional network communities has intensified interest in the study
of networks and network data. In this talk, I will review a few ideas
that are central to this burgeoning literature. I will emphasize
formal model descriptions, and pay special attention to the
interpretation of parameters and their estimation. I will conclude by
describing open problems and challenges for machine learning and

The workshop will be begin at 12 noon with a light lunch. We usually
wrap up around 1:30p. We hope you can make it.


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