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We hope you will join us next Wednesday, April 7th at the Applied
Statistics workshop when we will be happy to have Thomas Kane from the
Graduate School of Education and currently at the Gates Foundation.
Details, abstract and a link to the paper are below. In addition,
Thomas asked that I include a link to a contrasting paper that comes
to a different conclusion than his own. Part of the talk will be about
the reconciliation of these two lines of research. A light lunch will
be served. Thanks!

"Estimating Teacher Impacts on Student Achievement: An Experimental Approach"
Thomas J. Kane
Graduate School of Education
April 7th, 2010, 12 noon
K354 CGIS Knafel (1737 Cambridge St)

We used a random-assignment experiment in Los Angeles Unified School
District to evaluate various  non-experimental methods for estimating
teacher effects on student test scores.  Having estimated  teacher
effects during a pre-experimental period, we used these estimates to
predict student achievement  following random assignment of teachers
to classrooms. While all of the teacher effect estimates we considered
were significant predictors of student achievement under random
assignment, those that  controlled for prior student test scores
yielded unbiased predictions and those that further controlled  for
mean classroom characteristics yielded the best prediction accuracy.
In both the experimental and non-experimental data, we found that
teacher effects faded out by roughly 50 percent per year in the two
years following teacher assignment.

Thomas's paper:
Rothenstein paper:


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