[gov3009-l] Caliendo on "Locus of Control and Job Search Strategies"

Matt Blackwell mblackwell at iq.harvard.edu
Mon Apr 19 12:20:00 EDT 2010

Hi there,

We hope you will join us this Wednesday, April 21st at the Applied
Statistics workshop when we will be happy to have Marco Caliendo who
is visiting IQSS from IZA - Institute for the Study of Labor. Details
and an abstract are below. A light lunch will be served. Thanks!

"Locus of Control and Job Search Strategies"
Marco Caliendo
IZA - Institute for the Study of Labor
April 21st, 2010, 12 noon
K354 CGIS Knafel (1737 Cambridge St)

Standard job search theory assumes that unemployed individuals have
perfect information about the effect of their search effort on the job
offer arrival rate. In this paper, we present an alternative model
which assumes instead that each individual has a subjective belief
about the impact of his or her search effort on the rate at which job
offers arrive. These beliefs depend in part on an individual's locus
of control, i.e., the extent to which a person believes that future
outcomes are determined by his or her own actions as opposed to
external factors. We estimate the impact of locus of control on job
search behavior using a novel panel data set of newly-unemployed
individuals in Germany. Consistent with our theoretical predictions,
we find evidence that individuals with an internal locus of control
search more and that individuals who believe that their future
outcomes are determined by external factors have lower reservation


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