[gov3009-l] Perry on "Point process modeling for directed interaction networks"

Matt Blackwell mblackwell at iq.harvard.edu
Mon Jan 31 23:22:06 EST 2011

Hi there,

We hope that you can join us for the Applied Statistics Workshop this
Wednesday, February 2nd when we will be happy to have Patrick Perry
from the Statistics and Information Sciences Laboratory here at
Harvard. Patrick will be presenting joint work with Patrick Wolfe on
directed interaction networks. You will find an abstract and link to
the paper below. As always, we will serve a light lunch and the talk
will begin around 12:15p.

“Point process modeling for directed interaction networks”
Patrick Perry and Patrick Wolfe
Statistics and Information Sciences Laboratory, Harvard University
CGIS K354 (1737 Cambridge St.)
Wednesday, February 2nd 12 noon

Network data often take the form of repeated interactions between
senders and receivers tabulated over time. Rather than reducing these
data to binary ties, a model is introduced for treating directed
interactions as a multivariate point process: a Cox multiplicative
intensity model using covariates that depend on the history of the
process. Consistency and asymptotic normality are proved for the
resulting partial-likelihood-based estimators under suitable
regularity conditions, and an efficient fitting procedure is
described. Multicast interactions--those involving a single sender but
multiple receivers--are treated explicitly. A motivating data example
shows the effects of reciprocation and group-level preferences on
message sending behavior in a corporate e-mail network.

Paper: http://arxiv.org/abs/1011.1703


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