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Please see description of Stat 221 - a class on computing and visualization
- below!


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Subject: Introducing Stat 221 -- Stat Computing and Visualization


I'd like to introduce to you a class offered at Harvard in Spring 2013 on
data analysis and visualization.

Please check its description and forward this email to your awesome friends
so that you can take the class together!
*Statistical Computing and Visualization (Stat 221)*

Do you want to learn how to analyze data efficiently and rigorously and how
to make beautiful interactive
Do you want to work on real life problems provided by course

This course just might be what you need!

Stat 221 is a graduate-level class aimed to equip PhD and Masters students
(and motivated undergraduates) with practical distributed computing and
visualization tools for data analysis.

The class will feature 5 homeworks and a final project, and no exams.

For the final project, students have an option to work in teams on
important data-intensive problems provided by one of 15+ academic and
corporate partners and

   - Siemens
   - MIT
   - IBM
   - Starbucks
   - eBay
   - Deloitte
   - Caesar's Entertainment
   - many others

Partners and collaborators will be in direct contact with the assigned
student teams throughout the term.

Main topics of the course: data analysis with Maximum Likelihood, EM, MCMC,
Gibbs, HMC and variants, Bayesian modeling, and interactive visualization.

Themes and tricks covered in class: fast R code, interactive visualization,
Odyssey distributed computing, code aesthetics, MPI/rMPI, likelihood
computation, algorithm tuning, model nonidentifiabilities, posterior
predictive checks, frequentist model evaluation, parsimony in
visualization, parsimony in modeling.

Please see the attached
visit the course website <http://theory.info/harvardstat221#> for more
information. There is also an online presentation introducing the

If you are interested or have further questions, feel free to e-mail Sergiy
Nesterko (the course instructor) at:
nesterko at fas.harvard.edu<javascript:_e({}, 'cvml',
'nesterko at fas.harvard.edu');>

*Pre-registration now open on *my.harvard.edu* (search for **Statistics 221*

Konstantin Kashin
Ph.D. Candidate in Government
Harvard University

Mobile: 978-844-0538
E-mail: kkashin at fas.harvard.edu
Site: http://www.konstantinkashin.com/<http://people.fas.harvard.edu/%7Ekkashin/>
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