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Hi all,

Prof Nesterko asked me to distribute the following course advertisement
that may be of interest to you.


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Stat 221 is looking forward to meeting you!

Stat 221 <http://theory.info/harvardstat221#> is a graduate-level class
aimed to equip the PhD, Masters, and motivated undergraduate students with
practical distributed computing and visualization tools for scientifically
rigorous work on data-intensive problems.

Here are the examples of interactive
visualization<http://theory.info/harvardstat221#> that
students will learn to create in class.

Alphabetical list of class partners and collaborators:

   - Athena Health
   - Caesars Entertainment
   - Deloitte
   - Diffeo
   - Ebay
   - Harvard
   - Hubway/MAPC
   - IBM
   - MIT
   - Nationwide
   - Risk Management Services
   - Sense
   - Siemens
   - Starbucks

In this class, we will build a way of thinking about quantitative problems
regardless of their seeming complexity. The class covers all stages of a
data analysis problem: (1) setting up the problem, (2) designing a method
to solve it, (3) implementing the related computation, (4) presenting the
findings. We will uncover the components of each stage, demonstrate the
interaction between all stages (1-4), and discuss their practical

In the lectures, we will apply this way of thinking to computing
algorithms, traditional statistical models, latest advances in statistical
research, and case studies from industry. We will discuss how efficient
programming enables problem solving for data analysts. We will showcase the
recent advances in visualization and their connection to the statistical

Problem sets guide students through practical computing problems, inviting
to fill in missing parts of the code and highlighting the fundamental
statistical questions along the way. There is also an interactive
visualization component in each homework for extra credit.

Final projects are based on data-driven problems in research and industry.
Working on the final project, the students will go through all 4 stages of
a data analysis problem. Course partners view final projects as high
priority and look forward to the solutions generated by the students.

Class work will be organized in teams, as its more fun to work on
challenging problems with your friends. Independent work is also OK.

Updated course syllabus is attached. Visit the course
website<http://theory.info/harvardstat221> for
more information.
 Search for Statistics 221 on my.harvard to register!

Stat 221

Konstantin Kashin
Ph.D. Student in Government
Harvard University

Mobile: 978-844-0538
E-mail: kkashin at fas.harvard.edu
Site: http://www.konstantinkashin.com/<http://people.fas.harvard.edu/~kkashin/>
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