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Tue Sep 24 11:18:52 EDT 2013

My dear applied statistics aficionados,

Our speaker tomorrow at Applied Stats<http://projects.iq.harvard.edu/applied_stats> will be James M. Robins from the School of Public Health who will be presenting Deterministic and Stochastic Counterfactuals, Interference Between Treatments, Causal Interactions, Bell's Inequality in Quantum Mechanics, and The Nature of Reality  (Joint work with Tyler Vanderweele and Richard Gill).

According to the abstract: "By the end of the talk we will have answered the following. How is it possible that empirical data can be used to reject the existence of counterfactuals outcomes? Is it safe for a quantitative discipline to rely on a counterfactual approach to causation, when our best confrimed physical theory falsifies their existence?"

The full abstract and a copy of the paper can be found here: http://projects.iq.harvard.edu/applied_stats/event/james-robins-school-public-health

As per usual, the workshop will be held in CGIS K354<http://map.harvard.edu/?bld=04471&level=9> at 12 noon and lunch will be served.

Tess Wise
PhD Candidate
Harvard Department of Government

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