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Aaron Kaufman aaronkaufman at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Sep 7 19:48:47 EDT 2015

Hi everyone!

This week at the Applied Statistics Workshop we will be welcoming *Matthew
Blackwell*, an Assistant Professor of Government at Harvard University.  He
will be presenting work entitled *Identification and Estimation of Joint
Treatment Effects with Instrumental Variables*.  Please find the abstract
below and on the website

As usual, we will meet in CGIS Knafel Room 354 and lunch will be provided.
See you all there!

-- Aaron Kaufman

Title: Identification and Estimation of Joint Treatment Effects with
Instrumental Variables

Abstract:  Over the last twenty years, a literature spanning several fields
of applied statistics has analyzed how to identify and estimate causal
effects of a nonrandomized treatment when a instrumental variable (IV) is
available. But researchers often have multiple treatments and want to
estimate either the direct or joint effect of these treatments. This paper
introduces a set of novel estimands for instrumental variables with
multiple treatments and multiple instruments. These estimands are similar
to previous IV estimands as they are ``local’’ to strata defined by the
joint compliance status across the treatments. Furthermore, I show that
these estimands are nonparametrically identified under standard
instrumental variable assumptions. The paper further develops nonparametric
estimators for these quantities and assess their performance relative to
classic parametric approaches like two-stage least squares. Finally, I
demonstrate the method through an empirical application to a voter
mobilization field experiment with both a telephone and in-person

Aaron R Kaufman
PhD Candidate, Harvard University
Department of Government
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