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Harvard Swimming and Diving
February 9, 2012

In this issue:
*Harvard Women's Swimming and Diving are Ivy League Dual Meet Champions
*Harvard Men's Swimming and Diving recap at HYP
*Diving update
*Senior recognition
*In other news

Harvard Women's Swimming and Diving

The Women's Swimming and Diving team had a sensational weekend defeating both Princeton (190-110) and Yale (235-65).    It was the first time in six years that the team is Ivy League Dual Meet champions.  The women were determined, yet relaxed in their approach.  Our travels to Georgia in December and Northwestern in January prepared them to remain calm under pressure.  The 200 Medley Relay team of Caroline Weaver (26.5), Mackenzie Luick (28.3), Ana Anaya (24.5) and Sarah Sumner (22.9) combined to not only win the event but they also set a new school record of 1:42.39.  The team of Faith Martin (26.5), Steph Ferrell (28.9), Dani Schulkin (24.4) and Sara Li (23.1) were not far behind at 1:43.15 and finished in third.  With Kelsey Hojan-Clark (9:51) and Courtney Otto (9:57) going 1-2 in the 1000 free next and then Catherine Zagroba (1:48.5), Martin (1:49.0) and Li (1:50.3) finishing 1-2-3 in the 200 free, the team's energy and enthusiasm continued to soar.  With a 40 point margin after the first day, the team remained determined to hit the magical 151 mark, the point at which the meet is won.  Our depth was evident throughout the meet as other highlights include the 200 fly Schulkin (1:59), Hilary Roberts (2:00), Anaya (2:00) and Otto (2:00) and a fight to the finish in the 200 back with Meghan Leddy winning by .07 with a 1:57.60 and Deirdre Clute (1:59.1) and Caroline Weaver (2:01) performing personal bests.  The 200 breast was truly remarkable as we had 8 women at 2:20 or under!  Luick (2:15), Martin (2:15), Helen Pitchik (2:16), Laura Evans (2:18), Clare Foster (2:18), Steph Ferrell (2:18), Margaret Fish (2:19) and Victoria Pratt (2:20) pushed each other the same way they do in practice every day.  Hojan-Clark led the way in the 500 (4:49) with Zagroba right behind (4:50) and Anaya was our top finisher in the 100 fly (54.7).   Leslie Rea was our top scorer and won both boards over Princeton with significant depth from her teammates.  With two events to go, Harvard had earned 161 points and clinched the title.  After a brief celebration, Laura Evans won the 200 IM with a 2:02 and our 400 Free Relays finished 1-2 with an amazing anchor by Zagroba.

While everyone is extremely excited by the win, our goal all year has been to win both the Ivy League and ECAC Championships at the end of the season.  Keeping in mind our goals, the team refocused very quickly and has worked hard this week with a taper to soon begin.  Please join us at Blodgett Pool on February 23-25 for the Ivy League Championships.  Finals begin at 6 pm each evening.  The ECAC team will compete at Navy from February 24-26.  If you are in the Maryland area, they would love to have your support.

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Catherine Zagroba after winning the 200 free

For the full story and results, click here:

Harvard Men's Swimming and Diving
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Men’s Swimming swam well in our loss to a solid Princeton team and our victory over Yale at the annual HYP tri-meet.  Over 90% of our team swam at least one personal in-season best time at the meet and over 60% swam two or more personal bests.  Outstanding performances were had by numerous swimmers including three swimmers, freshmen Griffin Schumacher, sophomore Will Brophy and sophomore Chris Satterthwaite who split 19.9 or faster on the winning 200 freestyle relay.  Other swims of note include freshmen Kyle McIntee’s 1:48 in the 200 butterfly and 4:28 in the 500 freestyle, freshmen Chuck Katis defeating the current Ivy Champion in the 200 Individual Medley and freshmen Mike Gaudiani’s 15:40 in the mile.  None of these swims was shaved or rested.  Of our six tapered and shaved swimmers, Freshmen Matthew Karle led the way by placing third in the 400 Individual Medley with a time of 3:58.

Our depth and ability to improve over the next month will allow us challenge Princeton for the Ivy title in four weeks.

Please join us for our meet this Saturday when we will swim Penn in Philadelphia.  The meet begins at noon.   We’d love the support as this will be our Seniors final dual meet.

Harvard Diving Update
The HYP weekend was very exciting this year, and the divers had another strong showing. We started with the men's meet, and freshman Mike Mosca made his mark, winning the 1 meter by almost 50 points. Stevie Vines from Princeton was 2nd, but Michael Stanton (class of 2013, and 3-time Ivy Champion) was less than 4 points behind. Mosca also won the 3 meter event, setting a new Harvard record for 6 optional dives, at 394.80 (over 65 points per dive!). Sophomore Joe Zarrella also had a great event on 3 meter, scoring 326.30, qualifying (again) for the NCAA Zones in Buffalo.

The women's meet was also strong for the divers, and very exiting for the entire team - we had a great win over both Yale and Princeton. Leslie Rea ('12) was our top scorer on 1 meter, placing 2nd overall, but 1st against Princeton. On 3 meter, Leslie also placed 2nd (again, 1st against Princeton). The surprise of the event was freshman Amanda Largent, who was diving "exhibition," but had out highest score.

Overall, the women outscored Princeton by 24 points to 12 - a hefty margin! We're continuing to hone things as we approach the championship season, and are looking forward to hosting the Women's Ivy Championships in a few weeks (and heading down to ECAC's). Then we'll head down to Princeton with the men, and next to Buffalo for NCAA Zones.

We hope to see some of you there if you can make it!

Senior Tribute
The Harvard senior men and women were  honored on the second day of their respective HYP meets.  We thank them for four years of dedication and leadership and wish them well in their future endeavors.

The Class of 2012:
Margaret Fish
Concentration: chemistry and physics with a secondary in Spanish
House: leverett
Favorite memory(s): getting through all of those team sets we thought were impossible because we had each other.
 I would like to say thank you to my parents for the sacrifices they have made and support they have shown throughout my 17 year swimming career. Also to my coaches and teammates from the past 4 years- I wouldn't be the swimmer or person that I am today without you all.
Ross Ford
1. Major/Concentration
    Social Studies

2. Academic Achievement
My Senior Thesis on Society in the Balkans

3. Plans for After Graduation
Strategy Analyst for Capital One

4. Swimming Achievement
2-time ECAC Finalist in the 100 and 200 Butterfly. Breaking 1:50 in the 200 Butterfly swimming with a broken wrist.

Niall Janney

1. Major and/or concentration-Government with secondary in Psychology
2. Most notable academic success-NCAA Academic All-American in 2010
3. Plans for next year-Will be working for the US Government next year
4. Best personal swimming performances-Multiple years-Top 8 finisher in 200 IM, 400IM, and 200Fly at Ivies

***Much love to all of my incredible HMSD teammates over the years. I would also like to thank my dad, Jay, for his support and encouragement.  A shout out to my awesome sister, Petra, for helping me pass Constitutional Law last semester.  Lots of love to my super fan, Shalini.  And most of all, thank you to my mom, Esme, whose love, patience, and commitment made all of this possible.

Kristi Korberg
1. Government
2. Lowell House
3. I have so many fond memories of HWSD that it's difficult to sift through them all. One that particularly stands out in my mind though is junior year jterm. It's that time of year when we're on campus without other students or distractions and our only expectation is to swim and enjoy each other's company. I'll never forget lounging in Ellie's room for hours eating coffee cake, watching bad TV, and laughing at everything.
4. Undecided! Hoping to join the working world at some point.
5. Thank you to our wonderful coaches. Thank you to my parents (had you not insisted that I go to Harvard's Junior Day, I don't think I'd be here now...) and lastly, thank you to my teammates- I feel so lucky to have trained and competed with every one of you!

Meghan Leddy
Concentration: Applied Mathematics to Political Economy and Secondary in East Asian Studies
House: Eliot
Favorite HWSD memory: The annual talent show during training trip
Plans after graduation: Investment Banking at Deutsche Bank in New York City
I would also like to thank my parents for coming to almost every meet of my collegiate career no matter what state or pool they had to drive to!
Ali Lightbourne
1. Human Evolutionary Biology
2. Quincy
3. Snowball fight last J-term and anchoring the winning 400 freestyle relay at HYP freshman year
4. Possibly medical school
I'd like to thank my parents, and Steph, Matt, Becca and Craig. Also, the rest of 2012 for making it this far with me!
David Lynch
1.  Major and/or concentration   Concentration in Government / Economics Secondary
 2.  Plans for next year    Investment Banking in New York City
 3.  Favorite memory as part of HMSD
The four midnight practices I've attended.  It never gets old watching the Freshmen struggling to learn our history and cheers and performing the Haka.
 4.  Best personal swimming performances (top 8 finalist at ivy championships, results in dual meet, etc)
My most memorable race at Harvard occurred my freshmen year.  The ECAC final of the 400IM against two of my brothers and several teammates.

Matt McLean
1.  Major and/or concentration:   Economics Concentration with a citation in Spanish Language
2.  Plans for next year:   I will be Investment banking in San Francisco.
3.  Favorite memory as part of HMSD:  I am going to miss all of the HMSD traditions but it would have to be my last lap of my Ironman meet as a freshman. I also learned how many shades of Crimson I can turn during that meet.
4.  Best personal swimming performances (top 8 finalist at ivy championships, results in dual meet, etc):    I have been top 8 finalist at Ivy Championships multiple times in the 200/500/1000 and 1650 freestyle.

Rob Newell

1. Major and/or concentration-Human Evolutionary Biology concentrator
2. Most notable academic success -Elected to Harvard's chapter of Phi Beta Kappa as part of the Junior 24 cohort, finalist for the Rhodes Scholarship, 3.99 GPA
3. Favorite memory as part of HMSD -Spending 4 years competing and working my beach muscles with my best friends at Harvard
4. Best personal swimming performances-2008 Olympic Trials Qualifier, Eugene B. Wyman Award winner for the 2010-2011 dual meet season, team co-captain
Helen Pitchik
1. Neurobiology on the Mind Brain Behavior Track - writing a thesis on the interaction between sleep and ecological memory
2. Quincy House
3. All four training trips, especially the 3rd annual talent show this year
4. I hope to work somewhere in Africa either doing research that will help determine effective ways to alleviate poverty or at a health related non-profit. Grad school of some type may be in the near future.
5. Thank you to Steph, Matt and my parents, I don't think they knew what they were getting themselves into when they agreed to let me start doing mornings... Also thank you to my teammates for making my four years on this team the amazing years they've been
Victoria Pratt

1.           1.  Government with a secondary in Social Anthropology
2.  Leverett
3.  Favorite memory has been eating meals as a team in one of the dining halls on campus.
4. Currently pursuing options in teaching, government and public relations.
5. I’d like to thank Steph, Matt, Kyle and my teammates for their constant support in and out of the pool. To my parents and sisters – words cannot describe how grateful I am for everything you have done for me, and I hope you know how much I love you.
Leslie Rea
1. Biomedical Engineering
2. Pforzheimer House (aka the best house on campus.  #quadlife)
3. Winning ivies freshman year and jumping into the pool with our warmups and shoes on.
4.  Undecided but eventually want to attend medical school
5. I'd like to thank my parents for putting up with the crazy little girl who never brushed her hair and came home with a new bruise or cut every day. If it wasn't for them I definitely would not be where I am today. Also, I'd like to give a special shoutout to the Harvard divers who hold a special place in my heart. They are always there to make my laugh and cheer me up when I'm down and I couldn't have asked for a better family away from home.
Hilary Roberts
1. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
2. Eliot House
3. It is all the little moments that make up my favorite memories. Ice baths, impossible practices, crazy dryland sessions, and the incredible support of my teammates all combine to make the entire experience one unforgettable, favorite memory.
4. Still unsure, something along the lines of engineer, consultant, teacher, or working with the Dog Whisperer, Caesar Milan.
5. I'd like to thank my teammates, friends, coaches and parents! Without you guys, I wouldn't be here (or sane!) today.
 Jessica Stanchfield
1.             Major: Neurobiology
2.             House: Lowell
3.             Favorite HWSD memory: winning 2 championships in 1 weekend (freshman year)
4.             Plans after graduation: go on to medical school.... location tbd
Would like to thank: My parents (Rod and Dena), Keith, Steph, Matt, Kyle and the coaching staff, and the divers for all of their love and support
Catherine Zagroba
1. Psychology with a secondary in Economics
2. Leverett
3. winning the 800 free relay at the 2009 Ivy championships
4. I'll be working for a strategy consulting firm in Boston next year.
I'd like to thank my parents and sisters for all of their support and my teammates and coaches for making this the best four years of my life

In other Harvard news:
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*John Legend Artist of the Year  http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2012/02/john-legend-is-artist-of-the-year/
*Check out Harvard Live Statistics for events this weekend:  http://www.gocrimson.com/livestats/landing
*Harvard Women's Basketball has first place on the line   http://www.gocrimson.com/sports/wbkb/2011-12/Releases/20120209bcjnth
*Harvard Men's Basketball to visit Penn/Princeton  http://www.gocrimson.com/sports/mbkb/2011-12/releases/20120208_Penn_Princeton_Preview

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