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_/*From the USA Swimming website*/_
In the men's race, 16-year-old Tennessean Sean Ryan earned an 11th place 
finish, with a time of 5:36:22.2.

"I think I was out really well," said Ryan. "I underestimated how much 
energy I was using and then on the last 2 laps, the leaders pulled away 
and I just couldn't hang with them. I sort of ran out of energy. I think 
it's a great learning opportunity and I'm ready to try again soon."

_*U.S. teammate Alex Meyer was poised to finish top-10, but was 
disqualified rounding the final buoy*_.

The swimmers navigated through a choppy waters for more than 
five-and-a-half hours. A full beach of spectators looked on in Ostia. 
The crowd erupted into cheers when Italian swimmer Valerio Cleri won the 
men's race in 5:26:31.6. Australia's Trent Grimsey took second in 
5:26:50.7 and Russian swimmer Vladimir Dyatchin was third in 5:29:29.3.

  I spoke with Alex shortly after the race this morning. He was disappointed with his disqualification while in position for a top 5 finish. Overall he felt very good about his race. This was a tremendous performance for Alex competing in his first 25K and international meet. 
*Congratulations Alex!  
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