[gov3009-l] Applied Statistics - 11/4 - Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

Aaron Kaufman aaronkaufman at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 3 18:12:16 EST 2015

Hi everyone,

This week's speaker, *Albert-Laszlo Barabasi*, as announced that his talk
will be titled *Network Science: From structure to control. *The abstract
is below. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


Abstract: Systems as diverse as the world wide web, Internet or the cell
are described by highly interconnected networks with amazingly complex
topology. Recent studies indicate that these networks are the result of
self-organizing processes governed by simple but generic laws, resulting in
architectural features that makes them much more similar to each other than
one would have expected by chance. I will discuss the order characterizing
our interconnected world and its implications to network robustness, and
control. Indeed, while control theory offers mathematical tools to steer
engineered and natural systems towards a desired state, we lack a framework
to control complex self-organized systems. I will discuss a recently
developed analytical framework to study the controllability of an arbitrary
complex directed network, identifying the set of driver nodes whose
time-dependent control can guide the system’s dynamics.

Aaron R Kaufman
PhD Candidate, Harvard University
Department of Government
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